Bath Spa University residency and CoLab at Edge Arts – April 2017

Image: Chris Lewis-Smith
Dancers: Xavier and Lisa

I ran a week-long residency at Bath Spa university – working with two B.A. 3rd year dance students (Sarah Stone and Xavier Belinha) and three M.A. dance students (Silvia Carderelli Gronau, Stephanie Scheubeck and Manuela Ana Jara), plus music-technology M.A. student (Jonny Owens). There were also plenty of my collaborators in and out of the studio all week; Becca Rose (technologist-maker-artist); Dr. Tom Mitchell (UWE); and Prof. Jo Hyde (Bath Spa).

The week culminated in delivering two mini-workshops and performances to audiences at ‘CoLab’ – an event run by The Edge arts centre at the University of Bath which brought artists and technologists together to discuss and present ideas.